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Ahoy to current and future patrons to my Patreon Campaign! Now that I'm used to having a Patreon, it's time I properly introduced the campaign to the whole world. Its launch was kinda rockey and kinda just happened. But It's time I explained everything that I have to offer, and also answer several questions you might have.

If you're coming here from my Patreon page, welcome! If you haven't seen my Patreon page, here it is:

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While talking to the Rudies as Jet Set Radio Live, I've noticed that a lot of my pics keep breaking. While it might look like everything's fine on my part, they break for others. I've also seen it happen to me as well when I come here. Trying to go to these broken pics brings you to FC2's 404 page, making it seem as if the image doesn't exist. This may be the result of FC2's old architecture, as well as the fact that the English side of the service hasn't gotten much support since 2012. The increase in traffic on there might be behind the broken images as they're all hosted on FC2's servers.

I'm currently looking around for an image hosting service that is adult content content friendly and has cheap pricing. I think I may have found one thanks to a conversation I had on JSRL the other day. For now, if you see broken images or notice that something might be missing, try reloading the page. If they're still broken, contact me on twitter @ArtOfDPX so that I get get it working again. Usually they end up fixing themselves when I attempt to edit the articles they're associated with.


For one week only, ending at 11:59PM EDT, I'll be having a sale on commissions. Detailed Shading (aka The Usual) usually goes for $35. Adding on $10 for a simple background, altogether would cost you $45.

BUT, for this week only, I'll be offering up that package for just $25.

Claimed Spots
1. (Open)
2. (Open)
3. (Open)
4. (Open)
5. (Open)
6. (Open)
7. (Open)
8. (Open)
9. (Open)
10. (Open)

More Commissions Info:
FAQ after the break.

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(Click for a closer look)

Lineart - $20
Flat Color - $30
Simple Shading - $35
Detailed Shading - $40

Variants amounts (max 3) and price negotiable.
SFW and NSFW commissions accepted.

Simple Background - $15
Detailed Background - $30

How To Contact (Commissioning And Questioning)
You can DM me on Twitter, Note me on DeviantArt, or email me at One commission per person. Commissions up to and exceeding $70 must pay $20 up front.

Note: Do not attempt to pay more than what's agreed upon to bump off another commissioner, monopolize the slots, or sign me into de-facto exclusivity deals. It is unfair to the other clients and may greatly hamper my reach. Repeated attempts will result in cancellation of commission and termination of future work. If you disregard this warning and pay me extra for the express purpose of the above, excess payment will have the difference refunded.

How to Pay
I accept Paypal and DeviantArt Points. Pay only when work is completed. If you're paying with Paypal I'll notify you when your picture is done and then send you my Paypal email. Once payment has been cleared, you'll receive your pic.

If paying with DeviantArt Points, I'll hold on to your points until work is completed, to which I'll then cash them out. Once that's cleared, you'll receive your pic.

You'll be shown previews of your commission with page-wide watermarks.

What I Won't Do
Check here for banned content that I won't do (writing them here trips FC2's filter system). What's also banned is Furry/Anthro Level 3 or higher, All Five Nights at Freddy’s Content.
Note: Underaged will be drawn aged up to 18 or higher. No compromises.

Open Slots
1. Julius
1. IRoyzo (Twitter)
2. OtakuApologist (Twitter) (1st 4 pages)
3. (Anonymous commission)
4. Otakuapologist (Twitter) (2nd 4 Pages)
5. Queen Juju (Twitter/Youtube)

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If you want to get in contact with me (or just follow any new artwork I upload), you got several options to choose from.

You can also send an email my way if you want. Send to

Also, if you want to be notified of any site maintenance or if the site is experienceing downtime, you might want to consider following me on Twitter.
Ahoy everyone! The names DeadPhoenX, aka DPX. I've been drawing for as long as I could remember. Before going online with my artwork, I used to draw mostly for myself, sometimes showing it off to friends, family, and other classmates. I drew things traditionally, using good ol' paper and pencil, as well as using Prismacolor and Crayola colored pencils.

Around 2006, I finally started showing my artwork online, starting from a fansite, and eventually onto DeviantArt. I switched from doing Traditional Art to Digital Art, still using an old Windows '98 and the program Picture Publisher 7. I did experiment with MS Paint, but obviously felt much better using PP7.

Around 2009, I would finally switch programs, moving on to GIMP 2.6. This was brought on when my Windows '98 outright died thanks to a mishap with a peripheral. It was here though that I would really start to improve in doing digital art after stalling somewhat with PP7. I used a combination of a mouse and my laptop's touchpad, using the mouse to click and my finger on the touchpad to move the cursor. This is also when I would release the BladeLadies.

Around 2010, I finally got my first graphic tablet, a Wacom Intuos4. This is when my speed of doing pics, as well as the general style of artwork, improved exponentially. However my time doing artwork was cut drastically as college really ate up my time.

2011 I opened up a gaming blog you might've heard of called The Wired Fish. I devoted a lot of my time to not only the graphic design part of the site, but writing articles on there as well. I still write there from time to time, though mainly focussing on my Retro Weekends segment.

I returned to making artwork in late 2014, kicking off my return with Bladeladies 2nd. I also opened a new art account on Pixiv, expanding my potential audience to include Japan as well. My activity there was more active than on DeviantArt. I also started taking on requests again, experimenting with doing scenic backgrounds for anything I drew. 2015 more or less continued the trend. This year also brought variant pics, which were in part inspired by artist Sakimichan (as well as other Japanese artists that I followed on Pixiv).

And now this year, 2016, several new milestones. For one, I switched programs once again, using Clip Studio Paint for all future artwork (while sticking to GIMP for graphic design). Second, I opened up Online Commissions for the very first time (before it was only open to people I knew personally). And finally, this gallery! I finally opened my own gallery where I would abide by my own rules (for the most part). This will be my new primary home for artwork I do.

So if you wanna see any new artwork posted, give this place a bookmark. I'm also on Twitter, Pixiv, and DeviantArt.

About Re-Uploading My Artwork To Other Sites

Simply put, if I uploaded it publicly for anyone to view (like on my DeviantArt, Pixiv, or here on The Gallery), then you can post them on your site too. All I ask is:

1) Link back to either my DeviantArt, Pixiv, or Personal Gallery if you can.
2) Keep any watermarks I use intact and unobscured.
3) Link me to your site too! If I like your site enough, I might even plug it on the next uploaded pic!

All years and artwork listed in reverse chronological order.

No indicator means that the image is clean and SFW.
on a thumbnail Indicates that the image is clean, but also contain R-18/NSFW variants under it. Proceed with caution.
on a thumbnail indicates that the image is fully R-18/NSFW regardless of variants







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Latest Artwork Posted
Chou Hissatsu Shinobi-bachi! [Mai Shiranui ~ King of Fighters: Maximum Impact] Jul 10, 2018
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Alone At Home [Peg Pete - Goof Troop] May 30, 2018
April Showers [Sunflower ~ Conker's Bad Fur Day] May 09, 2018
Glamorous Ladybug [Lady Bug Arcade] May 07, 2018
[Art Trade] You Feeble Worm! May 02, 2018
Yummy Ghosts [Ms. Pac-Man] Apr 12, 2018
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